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Narcissists and how to free yourself from them

A narcissist is generally regarded as a person who is self-absorbed and self-centred.
However, the reality is far, far, far worse:
the narcissist is a predator and vampire.
But when the book talks about “the narcissist” (m), it is not the man who is meant,
but the being Narcissus
– whereby the female narcissists are usually worse than the male narcissists.

Narcissistic abuse is not only physical. Much more often it is hurtful words, insults, shaming, blaming, accusations, shouting at or threatening. Mistreatment also means being neglected, ignored, humiliated, degraded, devalued, lied to or manipulated.
These are more damaging than physical abuse.
Such experiences leave wounds at the deepest level of the soul.
It may have started in childhood, with your mother or father, siblings or other family members,
at school or kindergarten. Or maybe you had a nice childhood with great parents
and then as an adult  you fell in love with a narcissist.

Some examples:
You are treated badly by the person you love.
He/she pretends to love you, but you feel trapped, manipulated and oppressed.
You question your reality, your sanity, and your worth.
Your relationship is destroying you, but you can’t bring yourself to end it.
You are loyal to those who have lied to you and cheated on you.
You keep hearing: “If your relationship is so bad, why don’t you just leave?
why don’t you just leave, why do you hold on to it for so long?”

– Because it is an addiction.
An addiction that nobody understands, least of all the victim.
We all deserve basic education about this form of abuse.

Volume 1
         Ch. 1   Narcissus is … (1 – 144)
         Ch. 2   What is the Narcissist about?
                     How to free yourself
                     What comes afterwards

Volume 2
          Ch.1    Narcissus is … (145 – 244)
          Ch. 2    Why you remain in poisonous circumstances
                            1. Hope
                            2. Spiritual struggle
                            3. False information
                      When you can’t leave
                      Strategies against abuse

In these books you will learn what the narcissist’s motivation and goal is,
how to break the invisible connection between you and the abuser,
and how to use basic tactics to free yourself from a narcissist’s grip.
You develop the ability to instantly recognise any narcissist.
You demystify the enigmatic narcissistic psyche that has clouded your clarity.
You recognise the code and dynamics that have led you to question yourself.
You see through the insidious tactics so that your reality can never be distorted again.
And it will become easy for you to protect yourself and heal your wound.

 Recovery begins with a decision. Your decision.
Yours truly

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